Advice for dating website victims

Received an unjustified bill by a dating website from Europe? Don't pay immediately, read this advice first.

So, you've fallen prey to a scam of Howlogic and/or associates? I'm sorry to hear that. Luckily, if you're in the European Union there are some steps you can take to prevent having to pay for something that you did not ask for and/or was not provided.
This is due to the fact that Howlogic's operations are based in the EU and the same laws for this situation generally apply through the entire EU zone.

I have been in contact with ECC Nederland, the Dutch European Consumer Centre. There is a local ECC for every country in the EU, plus Iceland and Norway.
Based on my experiences and other people who contacted them about Howlogic's financial terror, they've done an amazing write-up with steps to follow and an example letter you can send to eCollect after adapting it for your specific situation.
It's worked very well in my case, and I advise you to read through it to see if it might work for you too.

Language Article
English ECC warns against overseas dating sites
Dutch (Nederlands) ECC waarschuwt voor buitenlandse datingsites
Dutch (Vlaams-Nederlands) Schuldvordering ontvangen van eCollect AG of Themys & Dyke? Ontdek onze tips
French (Français) Vous avez reçu une demande de paiement d’eCollect/Themys & Dyke

Please note: the advice in the linked articles applies to customers living in the territory where the linked ECC organization operates.

If you live in a different European country (or Iceland/Norway), contact the European Consumer Centre for your country to get advice that applies to your territory. Feel free to point them to this page as well so they can see the ECC's approach in other territories.